Gaiaton is launching on Kickstarter!! The wait is almost over, all you need to do is follow our Kickstarter Pre-Launch Page to get notified of when we officially go LIVE!!!!


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If you are new to Kickstarter or never heard of it before, then we are super excited to introduce it to you! Kickstarter is a well-established and highly trusted crowdfunding platform that connects people with products that they want to be on the ground floor of and get first access! It is similar to any other online store that takes pre-orders for products.

How is Gaiaton Using Kickstarter?

Gaiaton is partnering with Kickstarter to take open pre-orders of all of its first-edition products. All of our products are finalized and sample orders have been sent to consumers, however, we are utilizing Kickstarter to launch our product to the general public on a large scale for the first time. This means that anyone can pre-order our products, and there is no limit on the number of orders we can take.

I Want Gaiaton Products, What Do I Do?

All you need to do now is login to your Kickstarter account, go to our Kickstarter Pre-Launch page, and then hit the green “Notify Me on Launch Button”. By doing this you will get notified of when our Kickstarter goes live, and you can then order directly from our Kickstarter page.

What if I don’t have a Kickstarter Account?

You just need to create one! Anyone can create a Kickstarter account and it only takes a minute. Just head on over to:

Once there just follow the steps on the screen to create your account. Afterwards, head right on over to the Gaiaton Pre-Launch page and hit that “Notify Me on Launch” button!

And That is That!

Remember to follow our Pre-Launch page, just head on over to and click that “Notify Me on Launch” button!